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      [458]"Thus far, he has not told me his plan; and he changes his mind every moment. He is a man so suspicious, and so afraid that one will penetrate his secrets, that I dare not ask him anything. He says [Pg 356] that M. de Parassy, commissary's clerk, with whom he has often quarrelled, is paid by his enemies to defeat his undertaking; and many other things with which I will not trouble you....

      papiers dune manire fort violente et extraordinaire, et ce

      Canadians are naturally intelligent. They do not know how to write, but they speak with ease and with an accent as good as the Parisian. * He means, of course, the better class. Even the children of officers and gentlemen, says another writer, scarcely know how to read and write; they are ignorant of the first elements of geography and history. ** And evidence like this might be extended.[16] Vimont, Relation, 1645, 29.

      "Ils [les Jsuites] ont tous une si grande envie de savoir tout ce qui se fait dans les familles qu'ils ont des Inspecteurs gages dans la Ville, qui leur rapportent tout ce qui se fait dans les maisons," etc., etc.Lettre de Frontenac au Ministre, 13 Nov., 1673.

      "Le P. Chaumonot nous a quelque fois racont, la gloire de cet illustre confesseur de J. C. (Daniel) qu'il s'toit fait voir lui dans la gloire, l'age d'environ 30 ans, quoiqu'il en eut prs de 50, et avec les autres circonstances qui se trouuent l (in the Historia Canadensis of Du Creux). Il ajoutait seulement qu' la vue de ce bien-heureux tant de choses lui vinrent l'esprit pour les lui demander, qu'il ne savoit pas où commencer son entretien avec ce cher dfunt. Enfin, lui dit-il: 'Apprenez moi, mon Pre, ce que ie dois faire pour tre bien agrable Dieu.''Jamais,' rpondit le martyr, 'ne perdez le souvenir de vos pchs.'"Suite de la Vie de Chaumonot, 11.

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      He then declares that the ships freighted by La Salle were so slow that the "Joly" had continually been forced to wait for them, thus doubling the length of the voyage; that he had not had water enough for the passengers, as La Salle had not told him that there were to be any such till the day they came on board; that great numbers were sick, and that he had told La Salle there would be trouble if he filled all the space between decks with his goods, and forced the soldiers and sailors to sleep on deck; that he had told him he would get no provisions at St. Domingo, but that he insisted on stopping; that it had always been so,that whatever he proposed La Salle would refuse, alleging orders from the King; "and now," pursues the ruffled commander, "everybody is ill; and he himself has a violent fever, as dangerous, the surgeon tells me, to the mind as to the body."


      FATE OF THE TEXAN COLONY.[9] Faillon, La Colonie Fran?aise, I. 409.